Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sore losers!

Yup! I'm talking about Roadies 5.0 The game goes International!

Trust me , I got no regrets seeing Nihal and Ashu in the final!

Anmol - Make up baby tries to act too smart , She knows she stands no where in btw those so called roadies , speaks like as if she still got a chance to prover herself! LMAO! Now we know the reason why got selected for the daily soap! =D

Vikrant - Grrr... His voice irritates me man! Big time! What does he think of himself ? Some lord?! If he is out there , send my msg to him HE IS NOWHERE CLOSE TO IT .

Shambhavi - Lol! She learned the make up stuff from Anmol! Kick her out man , she is dangerous ! Spreading her dirty disease ! .This girl is like doing the match fixing stuff! OMG! I was shocked to hear her call Nihal ugly! if she thinks he was, why in the world did she try to do all the flirt bitchy stuff?! Height of desperation!

Prabhjot - Seriously I thought she was the best among those peepo! But today I came to know even she has lost her moral ethics ! Wasn't expecting that from her , Its as simple as that even she played along with Sonel for saving her ass! :-| . She betrayed the one who supported all the way long!

Ayaz - Look at our zero no.1 ! He couldn't perform in the tasks , he couldn't drive , he couldn't do anything! Now he comes from no where after drinking boost to show us his power! Lol He thinks himself as our future superman! No wonder he ll be the legend zero man!

Snehashish - Hehehehehehhe , He is still playing mind games! some one help him out with Sudoku man!

Ankita Bajaj - OMG!! =O Anmol III! Side please! ( Nobody bothered to listen to her! )

Simran and Varun - Awww you guys look cute! but c'mon! We know you! Filthy peepo! Prabhjot was silent , she never wanted to talk! These peepo made us go against her too! Lol These two are silent killers! Appreciate them for that still couldn't manage to survive!

Sonel - I feel sorry for you re! We know you are dumb , innocent , fake smiles ! still Lol you didn't deserve that from Prabhjot seriously! Anyway you couldn't do anything , Trust me if I was in your place today in that room! I would have showed those losers! who they actually are! !

Nihal - All I can say is way to go dude! Those people played politics too , but you managed to survive this long! Good for you! Don't bother , They tried to use you but you used them instead! Hehehhe * Hi5 * . You just performed in few tasks not all tasks! You are just fit to play politics! :-| Physically you are not even close to Simran!

Ashu - Lol! One more silent killer! he played the game silently and got through! He never involved in any of the matters! . Never build up any enmity with anyone! :-| Whats the use staying in the game? You don't deserve to be up there dude! Nihal is way better he survived fighting with everyone!

In the end - Moral of the story - Roadies is all about politics now! No more performing the task! Everyone desperate to win and become an celeb! Get a life losers!!


tHE HacKmasTer said...

He is still playing mind games! some one help him out with Sudoku man!
tht ws good 1

but yaa...politics or tasks..those to wer much better humans.i.e nihal and ashu they used their friendship

Tanvi said...

hey...u've commented on sonel's blog dat u've read some of d other roadies' blogs...can u plz post d links 2 those blogs?

jayanth007 said...

firstly the blog is very nice...great writing...its soo truth
i completely agree with you...its just roadies all about politics...the 2 dumbo finalists proved that...i already lost interest to watch that in the middle itself...and decided not to watch the nxt season