Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My first experience in high school

I was the most popular kid around in the school (even now i am :D ) when i was like in my higher primary levels. I just loved it, u know teachers always used 2 depend on me, call me out and help them at things hehehe my friends were always Jealous of me. Man i couldn't even believe that i passed out and i was about 2 go 2 high school. My bro always used 2 tell me that high school is d best part of our school life, we can so much fun, pranks , teasing, bunk classes everything I was so much excited about this I just couldn't wait 2 enter high school.

My very first day ..:) gosh I was the first person 2 enter the classroom. I took my place n was waiting for everyone 2 come , met my old friends , talked 2 them it was pretty cool well Im not at all a shy kinda girl in the class ( not most of the time at least ) I used 2 walk up 2 new people n talk 2 them, they were pretty interesting hehehe .. used 2 crack out PJ's and make a complete fool of myself but i was never bothered about it I must say.I was the most lovable n joyous girl in the class. Every one in the class loved me. Things went pretty well for months. Most of the time you would find me sleeping in the class ( used 2 stay up late nights n sleep in d class room .. i still do it :D ) Used 2 bunk in the name of sports, art work, competition some thing or d other but never used 2 get caught. Half year just passed away and i couldn't believe it. Oh my god May be it now where things actually changed upside down. Never expected life 2 be that horrible. People around me started putting a lot of pressure on me. I mean all the work on my shoulders and no one stepped forward 2 help me out in this , I was totally upset that I actually had no one with me people stay with us just 2 have fun :(( Later just because i couldn't give much time 2 them , many of my friends betrayed me.. . Then i completely started hating myself and things around me. I never wished 2 talk 2 any one I always used 2 be alone. Just me n my sports :(( . Then I started spending more time on Internet but i knew this wasn't the only life i have , i talked my friends but not very close ( u know just the Hi - Bye stuff ) I couldn't do my given work properly again a bad name from teachers ( it was like that teacher said bad stuff about me n spread rumors just because i didn't do the work which she gave me ) I was totally insane then man. I tried making up myself but i could never do it. I started hating school , Bunk school for no reason ( used 2 get helluva scoldings from parents for this ) I given for shortage of attendance in my 2nd semester. I had no other way 2 go 2 school regularly. Used 2 cry all night thinking about what 2 do in school , how 2 ignore those talks , how 2 b happy in front of everyone . It was a hard time for me. I wish no one had such a life , its just that i don't know how write my pain in words. :( I somehow managed myself 2 pass my 8th grade with good marks. Still i heard a lot of complaints from my class teacher that I'm very irresponsible these days , that i don't talk 2 any one in school properly like i used to and blah blah blah.

Then it was my 2nd year in high school ..Holy shit , it was like i never wanted 2 go back 2 school again n see those faces again n make myself completely blanked out again I had actually recovered from those things which had happened last year. Then as usual less talkings , used 2 sleep in the class , never used 2 concentrate. Damn would u believe this i was the most silent girl in the class then * pats my back * 8) It was like Im sure i would be going 2 camp this year because i was in my 2nd year of NCC . I hardly used 2 attend classes . I had been 2 3 camps in total almost 1 month . Yuppie . ;) and used 2 ask permission 2 go 2 NCC unit n roam all over the place it was a great time. I miss it loads :P .. Frankly speaking things changed a lot after i attended those camps , i started 2 mingle with people , talk 2 them , face fear n everything I always used 2 make up 2 myself ;) no probs at all

After i came back from my camps i was all back 2 myself with all that mischievous ideas , fun everything , started ragging my own friends , laugh well i think i had got my life back again. Even though i hate 2 study , I love 2 go 2 school so that i get 2 meet my friends everyday n have fun. I always pray 2 god ( if hes der ) that i would have this life untill my last breathe.


jayant said...

this one is really nice ;)
pretty well thn the last blog i read!!

Fun Guy said...

damn innocent words!! :)

every1 has to pass thru' the stages of life.. We tend to change ourselves as time passes.. Jus' make sure the change is coz of u n u alone :)

udontwannaknow said...

Wait till you get to college.

Aditya said...

Life is beautiful. Never care how life treats you... Its how you treat life wich is important :) . yeah wait till u get to college... Thre will be lot of ups n down but always wear ur precious ornament-ur smile!!

Aditya said...

Wel written. Feelings well moulded into words :)